Do you want to challenge you and your dog further, and try something new? Our Agility Class is a starter course where you and your dog can try out the sport of agility to see if you want to go on further, or just to try something fun.

Our Agility Class aims to have you and your dog working confidently with each other over a number of obstacles whilst learning the basics of agility. Our class offers a fun environment where you and your dog are challenged to extend skills such as voice control, off lead work, and working with distractions while completing agility obstacles.

Our experienced trainers compete at a national level, and teach using positive reinforcement methods which have been proven to be the most effective way of teaching. This method encourages rewarding your dog’s good behaviour and ignoring undesired behaviour, rather than punishing undesired behaviour. In agility, this means your dog is rewarded for their progress with actions such as running through the tunnel, and ignored if they run around the tunnel instead.

To partake in this class, it is recommended you have minimal voice control over your dog. This includes your dog sitting and staying on your command, and coming to you when called (recall). If you are not fully confident with your dog off lead, we aim to have you build up your confidence. Our fully fenced indoor facility means you can relax in knowing your dog is contained if they end up being distracted and won’t come when called.  

The equipment you and your dog have access to for the class are:
Crossover Dog Walk
Long Jump

Across four weeks your dog will progress from using one piece of equipment at a time to jumping and running through set up course with numerous pieces of equipment. You will also learn better skills of voice control – your dog will learn how to run ahead of you whilst you have voice control over them, stop them command, and guide them through an agility course with just the power of your voice. All this whilst having fun in a no-pressure, light-hearted environment!

We recommend that your dog be older than at least 6 months to partake in this course, and that they are able to sit, stay, and be recalled to a minimal standard. We begin the course with low jumps and slowly build up to higher jumps for the safety of your dog, but do not recommend this course for puppies for growth development reasons.

As positive reinforcement is used in this class, you will need to bring something your dog loves! This can include soft treats (such as ham or luncheon), or a toy they absolutely love that will motivate them to work hard for their reward. We provide you a clicker to assist in teaching your dog – you just bring an enthusiastic dog and be prepared to challenge yourself!

Classes are held at our new Thorndon branch for 4 weeks at various times - check dates and times below. If you are interested or would like to book your dog in please contact us on (04) 472 7921, or click here to email us.


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