Good Manners & Focus Class


Do you want your dog to have the skills to live a great life with you?  We will teach you how to teach your dog those behaviours that will ensure that you can both enjoy that special relationship that only you have.

Our Good Manners and Focus Class teaches dogs how to focus and have good manners around distractions including other dogs, and how to teach both owners and dogs how to relax and work together in the face of life's challenges.  The class activities incorporate sits, downs, stays, recall and more in the midst of activity to encourage your dog to obey whilst surrounded by distractions.  At Paws we solely rely on positive reinforcement training when helping change behaviour, so your dog will want to continue trying new things.

The lesson basis works on the following but sometimes we do add some other items if time allows or needs require it
- Focus Training
- Relaxation training
- Greeting other dogs
- Learning with Games
- Human greetings
- Ignoring the public
- Ignore it
- Distraction Training
- Politeness

We run the Good Manners and Focus Class on Mondays and Wednesdays.  The class starts at 6.30pm at our Kaiwharawhara premises over 4 weeks, and runs for approximately 1 ½ hours.  Across 4 weeks you will build up your confidence and increase the difficulty of training for your dog, and learn how important it is to constantly challenge your dog.  There is no age limit and we welcome all breeds and all behaviours.

You will need to bring something that motivates your dog, usually treats of some kind works wonders and even if your dog is not really food motivated - it's amazing what a bit of competition can do!  We generally use something like luncheon or frankfurter as they can be cut up really small and are moist enough for the dog to digest easily.  If your dog has a favourite toy bring that along too.

Should you wish to speak to someone about the class please don't hesitate to ring us on (04) 472 7921.  If you would like to sign up for the class, either call or click here to email us with your name, contact phone number, dog's name, breed, and age.

Good Manners Class Dates

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