Puppy Pre-school


Puppy Pre-school is an essential class for new puppies and their families, and a great refresher course for those more experienced owners.  The class covers the basics of dog ownership within our region while ensuring your pup gets the socialisation and basic training that will help you start guiding them through life.

The Puppy Pre-school class covers:
- Socialisation
- Handling & other practical skills
- Some basic training (such as sit, come, down)
- Toilet training advice
- Grooming advice
- Advice on nutrition
- Advice on dogs who mouth

All this while you learn about the wonderful ways pups grow up and how to ensure your best friend turns into a lovely life companion.  We have creative methods that make this class interesting for you – one of our most popular games is 'Pass the Puppy'!

All of our teaching is done by using rewards, known as positive reinforcement.  Rewards are anything that encourage your dog to repeat a behaviour.  From many years of experience we have found this to be the only method that ensures a willing learner and one that only wants to please you more.

We will try to help you resolve any problems that may arise during your first few weeks of having your puppy.  We are always learning to understand dog behaviour and how they learn, and from teaching people for many years we believe we have the best of both worlds in our classes.

The great thing about our class is that the whole family is welcome too!

Puppy Pre-school is generally for puppies aged 8 to 16 weeks, however we can accept younger or older puppies but please discuss with us if this is the case with your pup.  Your pup is only required to have their first vaccination to attend the class.

For attending the class, you get a free treat bag of Hills Science Diet food, a free toy, and a free dog nail clip from our grooming salon in Kaiwharawhara.

Pre-school classes are every Wednesday at 6.30pm, run for 1 ½ hours, and are held in our premises in Kaiwharawhara.  You are able to begin any Wednesday and attend the class 3 weeks in a row, however if you miss a week through other commitments we are more than happy for you to join back in as soon as you are able.

Puppy Pre-school leads on to the Good Manners and Focus Class, where you can learn more advanced training to further challenge your dog and yourself. Please talk to our trainers to find out more and to book for the next class.

If you are interested in attending our Puppy Pre-school class or any other of our training classes, please call us on (04) 472 7921, or click here to email us.

Puppy Pre-School Price

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