Doggy Daycare


The following Terms and Conditions are on the Doggy Daycare Enrolment Form.

1. All dogs need to wear flat collars for safety reasons, and have an attached nametag.

2. All dogs need to have up-to-date vaccinations; puppies that have had their first vaccination are able to attend Doggy   Daycare, however you must accept the risk and that Paws in the City is not liable for consequences.  If your dog is     sick, you will not bring it to Doggy Daycare for the safety of other pets.  If your dog is suffering from a contagious         disease, you will not bring your pet until you provide a veterinary certificate saying they are safe to attend.  You           understand Paws may need to separate your pet from other dogs if they believe your dog may have a transmittable     disease, and that they will try to contact you to let you know.

3. Whilst all care will be taken to ensure the health and safety of your pet, you understand dogs may incur the             occasional muscle soreness, injury, or mild contagion.  When you leave your dog with Paws, you acknowledge the     possibility of this happening and accept that Paws will not be liable for any costs associated with these.  If Paws         believes your dog needs veterinary care they will try to contact you.  If there is an emergency, they will take your pet   to the closest available vet clinic.

4. Paws recommends you keep a regular programme of treatment for internal and external parasites (for example,         fleas and worms).

5. You understand Paws reserves the right to decline your pet from Doggy Daycare.  Your dog needs to meet               requirements for reasonable good manners, and may not be admitted to the general Doggy Daycare area unless         discussed earlier with Paws.  This is in order to provide safety for all dogs who attend.

6. Due to hygiene and safety reasons, bitches in season will not be able to attend Doggy Daycare, nor entire male       dogs over the age of approximately 9 months.  If Paws feels your dog has behavioural problems earlier than 9             months of age associated with not being neutered, they will let you know and discuss available options.

7. Paws need to be aware of any health or behavioural problems your pet has.  Examples of health/medical problems     can be but are not limited to allergies, arthritis, or epilepsy.  It is important Paws are informed of these due to the       safety of your dog and other dogs, and because they provide treats to attending dogs.

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