Paws In The City

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We acknowledge and value the special relationship between people and dogs. We recognise and understand the behaviour of dogs as pack animals. As dog owners and lovers we want to ensure any and all interaction with any of our services is ALWAYS in the best interest of the dog.



To have a dog service that dogs, and their owners want to come back to – again and again!



We exist to provide professional, quality and ethical services for dog owners who care about their pets as much as we do.



1. Dog welfare – primary focus – why we are here
2. Communication – open and honest
3. Respect – for everyone including our dog guests
4. Professionalism – in all that we do and all interactions
5. Integrity – in all we do, taking responsibility
6. Collaboration – between everyone, staff, customers, industry
7. Education – constant learning
8. Relationships – are important