Paws In The City

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The health, welfare and safety of dogs and staff is our primary focus. These conditions ensure we can manage our day-care service appropriately and give your dogs the best experience possible. 

All dogs who come to use Paws in the City services are required to:

  • have full vaccinations, and provide evidence of this
  • be microchipped
  • have a collar and be wearing the relevant Council registration tag
  • be flea and worm treated


All new dogs are assessed for suitability for day care. Not all dogs like day care. Dogs are pack animals and integration into different packs need management. We rely on your knowledge of your dog/s and our trained staff assessment for placement. Some dogs may have not been in an environment with a pack of other dogs, some dogs might not like groups, some dogs like peace and quiet and their own space. Daycare has many benefits but it is not for all dogs. 

We have an assessment schedule that introduces your dog to a group of other dogs based on the information you provide about your dog/s and how they interact with other dogs and people. 

The first session introduces the dog for a short time. This allows our trained staff to integrate your dog into the relevant pack. The first session is half a day. At the end of the session we will discuss the options with you about daycare. We provide honest feedback to you about your dog/s and how they behaved and coped. We will make recommendations and book your dog in for day care, if there are spaces and your dog has coped well. 

Paws in the City reserves the right to refuse any dog entry to our daycare. 


All dogs need to meet requirements for reasonable good manners and may not be admitted to day care if they exhibit unwanted behaviours. This is to provide safety for all dogs who attend. If your dog is deemed a risk to other dogs’ or staff, a manager will contact you about the best plan for day care for your dog. This may mean your dog may be required to come on designated days only. If Paws in the City is concerned your dog poses an imminent risk of injury to other dogs or staff, your  dog will be isolated and/or muzzled. 

Behaviour that is classified as “unreasonable” includes but is not limited to:

  • Snarling or snapping at most dogs
  • Consistent bearing of teeth
  • Overly aroused/over stimulated
  • Excessive barking
  • Excessive salivation or panting
  • Shows multiple subtle and non-subtle signs of stress
  • Not recognising other dog body language
  • Bites or attempts to bite a member of staff or dog
  • Possessive behaviour
  • Consistent need to be put in isolation/time out
  • Pinning other dogs in a non-playful way.


Paws in the City requires booking in advance for all daycare services. 

Bookings are made via ProPetware. Paws in the City encourages recurring bookings for your dog/s to ensure you are guaranteed the days you want and your dog is part of a regular pack. This is also the most cost-effective service for you.

If your dog does not have a recurring booking set up, you must make a booking by 4pm on the previous day to ensure your dog has a confirmed space for the next day.

Paws in the City reserves the right to turn your dog away if you do not have a booking. Please note that the busiest times for Paws are 7:30 am-9am and 4pm- 6pm everyday. 


If you cannot bring your dog in for their scheduled booking please email and cancel within 48 hours of your booking.  No shows are charged at your daily rate. 


Paws in the City requires all dogs to wear flat collars and with a current registration tag attached. For safety reasons please ensure your dog’s collar has a quick release clip rather than a buckle. Your dog must be on a lead and under control when entering/exiting Paws in the City. 


All dogs must have up-to-date vaccinations and you must provide proof of annual updates. We do not accept unvaccinated dogs. 

Puppies that have had their second vaccination are able to attend daycare, however there is a risk that they may be more susceptible to contract a contagion. 


If your dog is sick, they should not be brought to day-care for the safety of the other dogs. If your dog is suffering from a contagious disease, your dog should remain at home until they have had vet clearance or have shown no signs for a week. Paws will separate any dog from the other dogs if they believe your dog may have a transmittable disease, and that they will try to contact you to let you know. You must collect your dog as soon as possible to reduce the risk to the other dogs.


Whilst all care will be taken to ensure the health and safety of all dogs, please understand dogs may incur the occasional muscle soreness, injury, or mild contagion. When you leave your dog with Paws in the City, you acknowledge the possibility of this happening and accept that Paws in the City is not liable for any costs associated with these. If Paws in the City believes your dog needs veterinary care, we will try to contact you.

If there is a medical emergency Paws in the City will take your dog to the vet on your behalf. Paws in the City preferred vet is Animates Vet Clinic Kaiwharawhara. Any costs associated with treatment is at the owner’s expense. 


Paws in the City recommends your dog is on a regular programme of treatment for internal and external parasites (for example, fleas and worms). If Paws in the City suspects any dog is carrying internal or external parasites, they will isolate the dog and the owner must collect the dog as soon as possible.

It is important that you provide a description of any health or behavioural problems your pet has. Examples of health/medical problems can be but are not limited to allergies, arthritis, or epilepsy. It is important Paws in the City is kept up to date of any developments in your dog’s health so that Paws in the City can provide the best possible care for your dog.


Entire dogs over the age of 9 months are only permitted after prior discussion. Entire males displaying behaviour problems associated with not being neutered will be excluded until they are neutered. Due to hygiene and safety reasons, bitches in season will not be able to access grooming services.


Paws in the City collects information only to provide services for you. We do not sell information to third parties. We comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act 2020. You can access your information at any time. All information is stored securely. Please review our Privacy Policy by clicking here.


Paws in the City uses images/videos/photos of your dog taken while using Paws in the City services. These are used on our website, social media, publications, and for learning purposes. By booking one of our services, you consent to Paws in the City using the images of your dog.