Doggy Daycare


A place your dog can come to feel safe, secure, meet and play with friends and enjoy companionship while under the experienced supervision of passionate doggy loving humans.  Our friendly staff will welcome you and your beloved canine into our extended family; we strive to cater for all individual needs (and wants).

Our indoor facilities ensure the dogs stay as clean, dry and comfortable as possible.  We have a range of furniture for the dogs to play and sleep on, and toys such as milk bottles, sticks, and dog toys for the dogs to play with.

We let the dogs choose if they want to rest or play, the centre is their place.  Other entertainment ranges from playing fetch through to dunking for treats in the paddling pool. Depending on the weather, we also try to take as many dogs as we can out for a walk.  Near our Kaiwharawhara premises is Trellisick Park where the dogs are walked on a lead to the creek to splash around, otherwise if they have allergies they can be taken along the road.  Dogs staying just round the corner in our new Hutt Road, Thorndon facility may also be taken on lead into the surrounding Town Belt area.

We will happily look after any age of dog, from baby puppies through to the most senior of companions, and including any convalescing dog.  We have separate areas for different sized dogs so your pet can play with dogs their size, and areas for new dogs allowing them to acclimatise to the environment slowly without being too intimidated.

We also are happy to feed your dog lunch if you wish us to, or if you're too busy in the mornings we can feed them breakfast.  Also if you would like your dog to have a nap during the day, we have areas where they are able to sleep without being disturbed.

Some of the benefits of your dog attending Doggy Daycare:
- Great human company
- Great doggy company
- Timid dogs learn that other dogs can be fun
- Over-boisterous dogs learn how to play nicely
- Dogs learn to talk properly (socialise) with each other through fun, care and companionship
- Your dog comes home happy, tired and full of focus for you

We have two premises; one in the Ngaio Gorge, Kaiwharawhara and one on the Hutt road in Thorndon.  The new Hutt Road, Thorndon premises has an even larger indoor play area for the dogs.

Our Kaiwharawhara (Wellington) premises also has a grooming salon, so your dog can now be at either premises and we can arrange to have him or her groomed.  We offer a Groom and Stay package where your dog can be groomed during their time they are with us in Doggy Daycare.  Doggy Daycare is only half the daily price when your dog get groomed the same day!  Have a look at our Salon Grooming page.

When available we can offer dog training for your dog with one of our experienced trainers whilst they attend Doggy Daycare.  You can read about this on the Individual/Tailored Training page.

We offer both a half day rate and a full day rate.  If your dog is with us for up to five hours it costs only half the full day (over 5 hours) rate. You can get a 10% discount when you pre-purchase a 10-trip daycare card - so buy 10 trips and one day is free!  You can use your 10-trip card at both facilities. If more than one pet from the same household attends on the same day you can receive a 10% discount if paying daily (sorry not applicable in conjunction with 10 trips).

Our hours are designed to suit your needs, so we are open from Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 6.00pm

If you are interested in bringing your dog to Doggy Daycare at either our Kaiwharawhara or Thorndon premises, please read the Terms and Conditions.  Please note it is important your dog is fully vaccinated, and also we do not accept entire males over the age of 9 months or bitches in season.

Please contact us by phone to book your dog into Doggy Daycare on (04) 472 7921, or enquire online by clicking here to email us

Doggy Daycare Prices