Paws In The City

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We have a plan in place to ensure that our guests are kept as safe as possible in the advent of a civil emergency. We want to reassure our guests’ full time carers/owners that their dog(s) will be taken care of should an incident occur.

First few days

We have enough food and water (both human and dog) to last several days on each of our premises, and someone will remain onsite caring for the dogs until they are all reunited with their carer/owner. (Christchurch’s experience showed it took 2 days.)

Temporary relocation

However, at some point the dogs may be moved to the residences of local staff; this will be dependent on what the disaster throws at us. At that point a sign will be left on the door of each Paws in the City premises explaining where the dogs have been taken and how to get in contact. We will also update our website and Facebook page with this information.

Keeping you posted

In the event that there are telecommunications network outages in the region, we will still be able to post updates to our website and Facebook page as they can be updated by our friends outside of the region. If you are unable to access the internet, we will also provide a point of contact outside of the region who will always be able to advise what is happening and where your dog is being cared for.

Useful resources

Feel free to download a printable version of WSPA’s Animals Matter in Disasters toolkit: